Mary-Kate Olsen, The Hippie

Mary-Kate Olsen Oh Mary-Kate Olsen, you wild and crazy woman always looking to separate yourself from your cute, cuddly kid super-celebrity persona. But I must ask, just what exactly were you thinking when you saw this dress and thought “Yeah, I think I’ll wear that!”?

Mary-Kate doesn’t look flattering in the least in this dress; in fact, she looks quite large and the headband is just dreadful.

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16 thoughts on “Mary-Kate Olsen, The Hippie”

  1. I vote for dreadful. But she’s so darn cute that it really doesn’t matter. I can’t even imagine how dreadful I’d look in that thing. What a cool site. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Ugh! She is a really pretty girl but really needs a personal stylist or something…that dress is hideous! She should be showing off her figure, not drowning it.

  3. I am shocked anyone voted they would wear it! Especially based on the way she looks in it… She looks flat-chested, fat, and somehow giant and shrimpy at the same time… with a teeny tiny head.

  4. That outfit is not necessarily BAD, but the dress looks like it belongs on a woman about 100lbs heavier than M-K. I could carry that well, Mary-Kate can’t.

  5. I’m a fashionista and my style is very bohemian even hippy.. Mary Kate had a good style, BUT she looks like into everyting she put on her… WHY? because she’s not glamourous, she’s not tall, she looks like a child into a disguise… Is like everyting she put on her is to big for her… she try to be very fashion, but it doesnt work, no on her… she’s to small.. and everyting is to big.. sorry….

  6. i think what she wears is dope if shes confortable in it.
    i also think that because of drugs, things that other people may not find appealing she does whether because its different or because shes getting use to ugly-but-wearable style.


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