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No, Ryan Gosling has not abandoned his acting pursuits and status as Object of Feminist Affection Everywhere to release an album I have to rave about. At least not to my knowledge. Yet every time I did a search for Gossling, Google insisted that I had no idea what I was looking for and repeatedly pointed me in the direction of Ryan Gosling. Sometimes Google is wrong. There, I said it.

The Gossling I’m talking about is Australian singer/songwriter Helen Croome, accompanied by a group of musicians she met while earning her Bachelor of Music (Composition) degree.

The first time I heard Helen Croome’s voice, I was completely captivated and utterly confused. The tone of her singing voice made absolutely no sense to me. How does someone get or create the vocal tone I was hearing? Immediately after listening to the very first song I heard by Gossling, “Wild Love”, I searched YouTube for a live version. I was expecting to find some sort of effects machine at play but found none, which only drew me in more.

Not only did Croome’s voice keep my attention, but the sweet and entertaining way she carried herself in that performance, singing and playing a guitar, mesmerized me. She also sings with a smile on her face, making the whole experience of watching a live performance that much more enjoyable. Since then, I have watched this video about 50 times.

I am all about unique voices. I gravitate towards them, always. Sóley is an excellent example of that. Gossling effortlessly manages to fulfill this love of something different in me on a whole new level, and I am so thrilled and delighted by that.

Gossling has released three EPs over three years — two in 2010 and the last, Intentional Living, in 2012. This last EP, in my humble opinion, is their best work to-date; it is a joy to listen to and only disappointing in the respect that it is made up of just four songs. I could tell you how many times I have listened to those four songs, but I won’t. Let’s just say I can recall those lyrics by memory without hesitation and leave it at that.

“Wild Love” was the single from the “Intentional Living” EP, which I think is the catchiest tune on the track list. Another great, must-listen song is “Heart Killer” which was featured during the opening scene of an episode of “Nashville.” That is a pretty big deal for a relatively unknown artist.

From the moment I first discovered Gossling, I have repeatedly wondered why she has only released EPs over the last few years. I didn’t have to wait long for that question to be answered. Just yesterday Gossling released the first single, “Never Expire” from her upcoming full-length album, “Harvest of Gold,” due to be released November 1, 2013.

I am already excited for this album, and what makes it even more exciting is that it will be released the day before my birthday. Thank you, Gossling!

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    1. That is precisely why I started writing these weekly music posts. I am always looking for new and interesting music, and when I find a singer/songwriter or band that I really like, I’ll write about them here and help spread the word. Thank you for giving me a chance to introduce you to someone new, and for giving Gossling a listen!

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