Girl Scout cookie wine pairing

Pairing Wine with Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies, a Handy Guide

It’s Girl Scout cookie season. Whether you’re the type of person who flags down their local Girl Scout to place an order, or more the type who tries to avoid eye contact with the young entrepreneurs manning the cookie booth at the local store, chances are those cookies are going to find their way into your house — and mouth. The struggle is universal. But wait! Before you settle in with your annual offerings and a glass of milk, why not elevate your snack time into some serious me time with a glass of wine.

Thin Mints, Samoas, or Do-Si-Dos, check out the handy guide below to see which wine to pair with your favorite Girl Scout cookies. Go ahead, treat yourself. You deserve it.

Girl Scout Cookies Wine Pairing

19 thoughts on “Pairing Wine with Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies, a Handy Guide”

  1. I do love wine and I do love Girlscout cookies. Thank you for sharing them both! Now I have a better excuse as to consume them 🙂

  2. Never knew about pairing Girl Scout cookies with wine. It does make sense, though.

  3. Too funny…each time I would scroll down to the next one I would say “oh no, wait, that’s my favorite” ha ha. I love this post and thank you for making me feel normal when I am drinking wine and eating cookies! I think I have decided on the Chardonnay and Samoas.

  4. I’ve honestly never thought about what girl scout cookie would go with which wine! I think this is an awesome post! I am curious about how everything would go.

  5. This was a fun read. I love getting Girl Scout cookies each year, but I have never even thought about what kind of wine would go with it. How cool!

  6. This is such a handy guide! I would never have thought to pair wine with Girl Scout cookies before but these combinations sound delicious!

  7. I love wine and definitely I will keep your post. Very helpful for me, and I will try them if they suits my palette.

  8. Interesting combinations. I have never tried wine with cookies before but I guess there is always a first time. Thanks for the combination guide. I might try one or two of those combinations soon.

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