Public Viewing Scheduled for Michael Jackson at Neverland

Michael Jackson Fans who wish to take part in saying goodbye to Michael Jackson have the chance to do so this Friday at the Neverland Ranch, north of Santa Barbara, California, where Michael Jackson’s family has arranged a public viewing. The family also has a private service scheduled for Sunday.

Just this morning, more than two dozen TV satellite trucks were lined up in a narrow, two-lane road leading to Neverland Ranch in hopes of reserving space for the public viewing. Planning is currently underway for a 30-car motorcade carrying Jackson’s remains to leave Los Angeles at 10 a.m. Thursday morning to arrive in Santa Barbara County.

As for Michael Jackson’s final resting place, the family has given no indication on where that will be, but they have already ruled out Neverland Ranch. Many people have been asking about the future of Neverland Ranch, and Tom Barrack Jr. gained control of the ranch through his company, has said that the property’s future will be discussed at a later date and that the focus currently is to ensure that grieving fans who gather there are treated properly.

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  1. Michael was a good man, despite what some people have made him to be. At heart, I knew all along he was innocent of everything he was accused of. He was an amazing singer, a great man, and that is it

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