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Shop It To Me What if you could find out when your favorite brands of clothing went on sale in exactly your size? Let’s face it, as women, a lot of us have a “thing” for labels, but when scouring the websites of the labels we love, we find apparel we cannot live without… until we see the price tag. When it comes to labels such as Marc Jacobs and Prada, we are likely to find a handful or more of “can’t live without” items, but as soon as we glance down at the price, it’s easy to feel like your finger just got pricked while reaching inside of a box, and you immediately close the website. What these fashion icons have yet to realize is that there are a lot of women who love their designs, but not all of us can stomach what our favorite pieces would do to our bank accounts and credit cards.

But now we have Shop It To Me, a website that lets you pick your favorite designers (listing over 500 in-demand designers and brands) and receive daily or weekly emails to let you know when your favorite designers put items on sale in exactly your size; best of all, the service is completely free.

Look at it like having a personal shopper, but with this, you don’t have to deal with conflicting attitudes and style; you just receive a daily or weekly summary that lets you know when your favorite items are on sale and it takes away the frustration I know I regularly deal with when trying to find my size in items I want.

But Shop It To Me goes a lot deeper than just that. Started by people with a keen sense of fashion who dealt with the same frustrations we all deal with like finding out about online sales too late to take advantage of them due to not having the time to scour the internet daily looking for sales on the items they wanted.

You can tell that the people behind Shop It To Me are a group who love fashion just by reading their blog. Paired with some wicked sense of humor and drool-worthy fashion items, their blog is a fast, fun and entertaining read. But there’s more! Yes, more! Shop It To Me also has an entire section featuring trendsetters from around the blogosphere.

The Trendsetters section shows an appreciation from Shop It To Me to many different bloggers running websites with a variety of themes, such as style, bags, shoes, celebrity fashion, deals and savings, men’s style, moms and kids, lifestyle, beauty and city fashions. Shop It To Me doesn’t simply show fashion love, they show blog love to others with the same interests and mission in mind.

Featured in publications like Daily Candy Deals and The Washington Post, Shop It To Me is gaining ground with fashionistas and enthusiasts everywhere; finally, there is a website that caters to the fashion forward and savvy savers in all of us. They bring frugal to fashion and with many, many women, that is an addictive and sometimes dangerous combination.

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