Do You Know What’s in Your Cosmetics?

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  2. Bret says:

    Nice post. It is a good reminder to the consumers. Before buying lotion, lipstick or lip gloss examine the product ingredients. That way you can prevent yourself from violating the animal rights. Thanks for the post.

  3. Thanks for the post. The first thing that I generally look for first is (as you mentioned) the not tested on animals label. The other key is to ensure for vegans is making sure that none of the ingredients have animal-based extracts

  4. BB Cream says:

    That’s a shame about squalene. Thing is like you said, olive oil is actually an “endangered” product as well, very much dependent on the weather conditions for harvest output. You may have noticed that the price of olive oil keeps increasing. Thankfully there are many types of oil cosmetic companies can use instead of olive oil.

  5. Solar panels says:

    i have thought that it is the human freindly and for making cosmetics items there is no need of the killing animals

  6. julia says:

    OH MY GOODNESS I never ever check that form next time i will. thanx for writing something like this n bringing awareness among ppl

  7. Gail Yarcho says:

    We are squalane suppliers. We shifted all our animal squalane customers to the plant squalane (from olives). It is a tendency around the world. So you can use it without guilt

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